August 4, 2023
Location : Virtual Event

You've tried to stop looking at it, but you can't. You know it's wrong, but you don't know how to stop. You tell yourself this is the last time, but you've said that before… dozens, if not hundreds of times. Yet time after time, despite your best intentions, you give into the struggle, leaving you feeling helpless and broken. But you’re not alone.

I've helped tens of men and women experience freedom. And I can't wait to walk with you and witness you also sharing your story of freedom.


In This Intensive Class We Would Look Into

The ROOT of the Addiction

Why do we actually sin? Many believe that sin starts at the point of Temptation. This is not so. Sin starts way before temptation

A ROUTE out of the addiction

Many have been stuck in this cycle because they don't know the way out. We would be addressing some myths & lies keeping you bound

Building a ROUTINE that disarms the addiction

The struggle with porn can leave you emotionally exhausted, But with the right systems in place, you would watch daily as the urge fade

Virtual Class

₦10000 5000
  • Anonymous Q & A Session
  • Access to class replay
  • Free E-Book( Porn Free routine bulder)

Enioluwa Odunjo

Hi, I’m Enioluwa Odunjo, Founder & Lead Coach at The Root Course. My mission is to help as many people get back their freedom from addiction to Pornography and Masturbation

As a young Christian, I struggled with the guilt and shame of being addicted to pornography before I finally gained my freedom. Today, I have been enjoying complete freedom for years, am happily married, and now carry a passion to help you do the same

What Past Students Have to Say

A few months back, I couldn't recognize myself anymore. But after I enrolled in the course, I don't know when the shift actually happened, but I noticed my desires began to change. Then more and more my walk with God got better. And now I don't need to run to porn anymore.
Wisdom E
I'm really grateful I met Mr Enioluwa. Pornography and masturbation is literally now dead in my life. The biggest testimony is that God used the things I learnt in the course to open my eyes. It was just one day that I came to a realization that I didn't need to go back to P & M. And that was the last day.
I never thought i could tell anyone about my addiction, especially “church-people.”. But not only do i have accountability partners now, i have been free from the desire to watch porn for months
Makeup Artist

Pursuit Is the Proof Of Desire

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